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Shreeyash Automation
started operations in 1995 to provide maketing support for new companies - a new concept in the industry. Liberalisation provided big opportunities to foreign countries to enter the Indian market.

The concept of standard supply chain management of customers and dealers provided a base for new companies, wherein adequate attention is given to marketing by small entrepreneurs with wide experience and knowledge of industry products. Cost effective from the point of view of the company, it also provides business opportunities to young entrepreneurs to start their own business.

Mr Rishikesh Thomre proprietor of Shreeyash Automation has over 15 year of experience providing customer support on an all India basis. Having worked with an electronic relay company, Mr Thombre started as a marketing representative of Phoenix Mecano India Ltd. for the Pune sector. The basic purpose was to introduce innovative products in the industry. In 1998 Shreeyah Automation started working as a dealer for Phoenix Contact upto 2001.

Today Shreeyash Automation is a distributor for Phoenix Mecano India and its major business is the marketing of their products in Pune and surrounding areas.

Shreeyash Automation is also a dealer for Harting India Pvt. Ltd. which deal in connectors.

Shreeyash Automation also deals in Tower Lights and Signal Lights for panel and machine applications.